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ASNM Fellows
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 American Society for Neurophysiological Monitoring Fellows

The bylaws of the ASNM defines a Fellow as someone who has made outstanding contributions to the field of neurophysiological monitoring which may include a significant contribution to the ASNM and has been a member of the Society in good standing for at least five years. The Membership Committee, through its subsidiary Fellowship Subcommittee, shall review all nominations and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors at the next scheduled meeting of the Board. The Board of Directors shall be the final authority in the granting of Fellowship.


Gene K. Balzer, PhD
Jeffrey R. Balzer, PhD, D-ABNM
Kenneth R. Bouchard, PhD
Bernard Allan Cohen, PhD
Matt A. Cotton, CNIM
Joseph Danto, PhD
Kiara A. Ebinger, PhD, D-ABNM
Harvey L. Edmonds, Jr., PhD
Clare C. Gale, CNIM
John N. Gardi, PhD, D-ABNM
Laverne D. Gugino, MD, PhD
Leo T. Happel, PhD
Muhammad Tariq Imtiaz, MD, D-ABNM
Michael R. Isley, PhD, D-ABNM
Faisal R. Jahangiri, MD, D-ABNM
Jack M. Kartush, MD
Antoun Koht, MD
Ronald E. Leppanen, PhD, D-ABNM
Bruce Lockwood, MD
William Hal Martin, PhD
Michael T. McCaffrey, PhD, D-ABNM
Robert E. Minahan, MD

E. Tracy Mishler, MA, D-ABNM
Aage R. Moller, PhD
David E. Morledge, PhD, D-ABNM
Brett Netherton, CNIM
Marc R. Nuwer, MD, PhD
Jeffrey H. Owen, PhD
Ronald C. Pearlman, PhD, D-ABNM
Kent S. Rice, D-ABNM
Robert J. Sclabassi, MD, PhD
Anthony K. Sestokas, PhD
Jay L. Shils, PhD, D-ABNM
Tod B. Sloan, MD, PhD
Stanley Skinner, MD
John D. Spydell, PhD
Mark Menniti Stecker, MD, PhD
J. Richard Tokeikis, PhD
Vernon L. Towle, PhD
Patty A. Warf, CNIM
Lawrence R. Wierzbowski, D-ABNM
Charles D. Yingling, PhD, D-ABNM
Donald H. York, PhD

Updated May 2017