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Call For Fellow Nominations
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American Society for Neurophysiological Monitoring


Process for Nominating and electing individuals as fellows  to the ASNM




The bylaws of the ASNM broadly defines a fellow as someone who has made an extremely significant contribution to the field of intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring, which includes a significant contribution to the ASNM. The process was clarified by the membership committee, which defined a variety of aspects of the process and gave suggestions for ways in which the individual could document the contribution to the field. The following is the current process.

A. Requirements of the candidate:

1. Must be a member of the ASNM for at least 5 years.


2. Must have letters of recommendation that gives evidence of high standards of ethical clinical practice, research integrity, professionalism and good reputation among his or her peers.


3. Must have documentation (from a c.v. or by letters of recommendation) that demonstrates a significant contribution to the field of neurophysiological monitoring in two or more of the following categories. Contributions in all areas is not required nor limited to these areas if the contribution to the category is considered significant, however, the honor of Fellow is taken very seriously by the ASNM, considering there are currently less than 35 total fellows.


a.   Teaching:

i.    Development of a significant academic training program in IOM

ii.   Giving lectures or presentations at clinical meetings

iii.  Training or supervising students in clinical settings


b.   Research:

i.    Authored or co-authored scientific papers, chapters, or books


c.   Service:

i.    Organizing scientific or instructional conferences for ASNM

ii.   Outstanding Service to an ASNM Committee

iii.  Outstanding Service to the American Board of Neurophysiological Monitoring

iv.  Outstanding Service or membership the ASNM Board

v.   Outstanding Service to the profession at all levels


B. Process for Nomination


1. The nominator should  write a letter of nomination to the fellowship subcommittee of the membership committee of the ASNM. At present, this letter can be sent to the individuals listed at the end of this document. This letter of nomination may come from any active member of ASNM; letters from the Candidate as a self-submission is not appropriate.  In order to make this letter as effective as possible the nomination should include documentation of ethical issues in:  2.  above and how the candidate fulfills the contributions as listed in:  3.  A copy of the individual's c.v. or resume with the letter of nomination will be helpful, but not required.


2. Once an individual has been nominated, the fellowship subcommittee of the membership committee will review the submission and, if the persons credentials seem appropriate, the committed will invite the Nominator to submit application details for the applicant for the position of Fellow.


3. At this point it is the responsibility of the nominator to get the following information to the fellowship subcommittee. Note that the applicant should participate at this stage.


a. The letter of nomination has already been received, however an updated letter can be accepted if it is desired to strengthen the application.


b. Arrange for two or more additional letters of support that address the issues in (2) and (3) above.  First-hand knowledge is preferable in these letters.  Two letters   are required, but more can be accepted.


c. A copy of the most recent c.v. or resume of the candidate.


d. A portfolio with a detailed listing of the ways in which the candidate  meets the criteria  in 3. An example is attached to this document. This information can be taken from the c.v. or from the letters of recommendation and should include detail such as in the attached file.


4. Once these documents are assembled, the package should  be sent to one of the individuals below and the Applicant is considered a Candidate for the position of Fellow.


5. The fellowship subcommittee of the membership committee will seek the support of the membership committee  and the application will be submitted to the ASNM Board for its consideration at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting (usually the Board meets just prior to the ASNM annual meeting and in the Fall, usually in mid-October).


6. At the ASNM Board meeting the package will be considered in closed session. Note that a Candidates application will be reviewed or considered only with the Nominator (or representative of the Nominator who is fully familiar  with Candidate) being present  in person. However, the final vote or discussion by the Board will take place without the Nominator or the Candidate being present.


Letters of nomination and application packages can be sent by email or regular  mail to:


Mr. Kent S. Rice, CNIM, R. EP T.
Quality Assurance Director
Biotronic NeuroNetwork
812 Avis Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108


Alternatively, applications can be sent to the current President  of the ASNM or the current secretary.