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Board Update - Committee Repopulation

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Update from the ASNM Board of Directors:

At our last Board Meeting, it came to our attention that each of our 8 standing committees has dozens (if not hundreds) of members, many of whom don’t even know they’re on a committee. How did this happen? It turns out that the process for joining a committee was simply to click a button expressing interest during the initial ASNM membership application. Many people expressed interests in multiple committees. So, some of you may belong to multiple committees and probably don’t even know it.

In seeking to make our committees more efficient and effective as they manage their work and meet the overall mission of the Society, we realize that we need to do some repopulating. The committees and their functions will remain the same as outlined in our bylaws, but we need to start fresh with committee membership.

Here’s the process for committee repopulation and how you can get/remain involved:

  1. The glitch that allowed people to automatically join committees during initial membership application has already been fixed.
  2. We will poll each Committee Chair to determine who are the core, active members of each committee. These individuals will be contacted and given the opportunity to remain part of the committee. If the individuals are members of multiple committees, they may be asked to make a choice and focus their efforts on one committee.
  3. All “extra” committee members (i.e., those who aren’t presently participating) will be removed from all committees so we can start fresh.
  4. Each committee will meet to determine how many members they need to accomplish their work. Where there is need, openings will be made for ASNM members to fill.
  5. We will send out an email to all ASNM members asking if you are interested in committee participation. That email will give you instructions on how to join a committee if space is available.

Remember that committee work is voluntary. When considering committee participation, think about how much time and energy is required and whether or not you are able to dedicate that time and energy. It is best if you participate in only one committee so you don’t stretch yourself too thin.

Being part of a committee is definitely not just about putting something new on your resume or CV. This should be service to the profession that produces meaningful results and introduces members to networking opportunities. Everyone on a committee will be expected to participate in meetings and pull their weight to accomplish the committee’s work. Anyone who isn’t doing their part may be removed from the committee to make room for someone else.

How can you get involved? You don’t have to do anything right now. We’ll contact you in a few weeks to gauge your interest. Until then, check out the names of the different committees and the kinds of work they do. Think about where your interests lie, and what you’d like to see the ASNM accomplish. Your voice matters, and the best way to make a change is to jump in and help!

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