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Member Spotlight - Learn More About Joe Moreira

Posted By Rich Vogel, Thursday, February 1, 2018

In the Member Spotlight, we periodically introduce individual members of the ASNM to the society-at-large. We try to highlight some of their achievements and ask them interesting questions. We hope this affords members of the ASNM the opportunity to get to know each other. If you would like to recommend someone, including yourself, for the Member Spotlight, please contact Rich Vogel.


In this edition of Member Spotlight, we are shining the light on ASNM President Joseph Moreira, MD.

Background: Neurologist

Position: ASNM President (May 2017 - May 2018)


As usual, we sent some questions to Dr. Moreira so we can learn a little about our President. 

When your term as President ends, what do you hope to name as your greatest achievement?

My goal is to bring ASNM into the mainstream and work with other societies to have one voice and one consolidated set of practice guidelines. I would also like to improve communication in the field and surgeon and patient education. We should be the ones to choose what modalities are used on a given case and not have the surgeon arbitrarily select them.


What obstacles have you faced as President of the ASNM?

Bringing various factions and societies together on a unified front. So far so good but a lot of work left to do. I have worked on this with the current incoming president elects, Jeff Gertch and Rich Vogel and I am confident that as an executive committee going forward we will further the cause.


What predictions do you have about the future of the ASNM?

The ASNM’s member base will grow with all factions being well represented and involved. We will be a driving force amongst other societies and work together. We are the only pure IONM society in the US and need to lead the profession’s growth and education. If we can work with other societies and specialties, then we can flourish and grow.


What would you say is the best thing about attending an ASNM meeting?

The Bar! No … Apart from the educational content, the best part of the live conferences is the networking opportunity. We are all working in a vacuum most of the time, either in the OR doing our own case, or in an office. We rarely have the chance to openly discuss IONM and the industry with anyone. The ASNM meetings give us all the chance to relax, discuss, and learn new concepts. The mix of folks attending and gathering range from the new trainees to the seasoned, well experienced members at all levels


What is the most under-rated, or least known, benefit of being an ASNM member?

The open access to becoming involved. Anyone can join a committee, run for office, etc. This brings with it a new world of experience and accomplishment. We are a very open society to all involved in the field.


A little about you:


If I didn’t become a neurologist, I probably would have been a(n):

Anatomist, I love anatomy and its overall complexity and consistency. A fireman, besides the big trucks and awesome toys, I love to put out fires, that’s probably why I am drawn to IONM. A chef, love to cook.


Greatest technological advancement in neuromonitoring has been:

The development of multi-pulse train stimulation for MEPs is one of my favorites.


The best career advice I’ve ever received is:

Be brief, be bright, be gone!


A great article that everyone in the profession should read is:

Heuristic map of myotomal innervation in humans using direct intraoperative nerve root stimulation. (J Neurosurg Spine. 2011 Jul;15(1):64-70.).

I love this article because it is relevant to our everyday functioning in the OR, and expands on the range of muscles innervated by a specific root.




Litigating Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IOM). (University of Baltimore Law Review. 2016 45(3), #3.).

This is a great 360 degree look at IOM and litigation and how to protect all concerned.


One of my favorite apps is:

Open Table, the quest for great food continues! Mapster, it keeps track of all your favorite places as you travel.


One of my pet peeves is:

Bad Communication!


My favorite film(s) of all time is/are:

Godfather and Blues Brothers.


At the top of my travel bucket-list is:

Mars, however to be realistic Italy, Ireland, Egypt. Favorite so far is Istanbul and Buzios, Brasil.


My favorite hobby is:

Playing the drums and cooking.

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