President's Message: October 2020

Dear Members,
First of all,  I would like to congratulate ASNM, CANM, and committee chair groups that pulled off a fantastic Fall meeting. Willy Boucharel and Lanjun Guo From ASNM and Kristine Pederson and Marshall Wilkinson from CANM did an excellent job organizing this meeting. On behalf of the ASNM board of directors, I would like to thank the President of the CANM, Dr. Jamie Johnston, for her support in planning this symposium.

This first joint ASNM/ CANM joint meeting was initially planned for an in-person meeting in Vancouver, Canada. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, ASNM and CANM Executive Committees and the Board of Directors decided to proceed with the Fall Symposium as a virtual meeting to ensure our members, attendees, and speakers' safety. The virtual platform allowed attendees to benefit from this program across the globe. We had a total of 208 attendees registered, reaching ten different countries. We cannot thank our attendees and sponsors enough for their continued support of the ASNM. We hope we can reach more people in the field of IONM with more meetings with rich content.

Please check out our website if you would like to purchase the recordings of the ASNM/CANM Fall Virtual Symposium. You can also click here!

Best Regards 
Faisal Jahangiri, MD, CNIM, DABNM, FASNM, FASET
ASNM President



Awards Update

The ASNM bylaws define a Fellow as someone who has made outstanding contributions to the field of neurophysiological monitoring, which may include a significant contribution to ASNM and has been a member of the Society in good standing for at least five years. The Fellowship subcommittee reviews all nominations and makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be the final authority in the granting of Fellowship. This year the Fellowship status has been awarded to Dr. Jeffrey Gertsch for his outstanding contribution to ASNM and the field of IONM. Please join me to congratulate him as a new Fellow of the ASNM.

For the other newly created award categories:

The Founder's Award will be awarded annually to an ASNM member in good standing whose commitment to the profession of IONM is evident by contributions to the Society, contributions to the literature, and/or commitment to delivering the highest quality of patient care in IONM. This year Lawrence Wierzbowski has been awarded the ASNM Founder's Award.

The Service Award will be annually awarded as needed to an ASNM member in good standing who contributes significantly to the Society, now or in the past, through active participation on the Board and Committee work. This year Patty Warf has been awarded our Service Excellence Award.

The Outstanding Contribution to a Committee Award will be awarded annually to an ASNM member in good standing whose contributions to a committee over the last year have been deemed above and beyond.This year we had four award winners for being an Outstanding Committee Member,  Dr. Jay Shils ASNM Secretary, Dr. Jeff Balzer ASNM Education Committee Chair,  Kent Rice ASNM Fellowship Subcommittee chair, and Faisal Jahangiri (I was not involved in the decision 😊) as a Previous Membership Committee chair. 

The Outstanding Publication in a Peer-Reviewed Journal Award will be annually awarded to an ASNM Member in good standing who made significant contributions to a published research paper deemed outstanding or important by the ASNM Research Committee. The paper must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal within the previous calendar year (i.e., 2020 award for a paper published in 2019, whether in print or Epub ahead of print) as well as indexed. Pay to publish papers, book chapters, book reviews, and letters to editors do not qualify. The nomination is made by the Research Committee. This year Dr. Jeff Balzer has been awarded our Outstanding Publication Award.



Call to Join a Committee

I am inviting all members to step forward and volunteer to join one of the ASNM committees. We need new committee members and fresh ideas. The ASNM standing committees are Education, Finance, Guidelines and Standard of Care, Membership, Representation and Advocacy, Research, and Ethics Committees. If someone would like to join, please submit your curriculum vitae to [email protected].



Call for Speakers

If you or someone you know of would like to speak at ASNM'S 2021 Winter Virtual Meeting or our 2021 Annual Virtual Meeting, please reach out to [email protected]. If interested, please include the presenter's name, credentials, the name of the event they would like to speak at, and the topic they would like to present.



Diversity Task Force Volunteers Wanted

Want to make a difference in the future of IONM? Join us to identify the barriers for women, racial minorities, and LGBTQ members to participating within ASNM and the broader IONM community.  Join ASNM's Diversity Taskforce and share your ideas on how to improve diversity within our community. If you would like to join this task force please reach out to Tara Stewart at [email protected].



Meeting & Webinar Schedule

Meeting Schedule

  • Winter 2021 Virtual Symposium: The ASNM Board of Directors has decided to begin 2021 with another Virtual Symposium. COVID-19 has changed the way meetings will take place, and, in the event COVID-19 impacts 2021, we would like to provide our members with educational content and the opportunity to receive CME and CEU's for the content. The dates for this meeting will be posted before the end of next month.
  • 2021 Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas, will be potentially moved to 2022 as an in-person meeting, given the current state of COVID-19. More information to follow.
  • 2021 Fall Virtual Symposium: The ASNM Board of Directors has officially voted on the ASNM continuing to have our Fall meeting be virtual as well. 

Webinars: All webinars are at 7 pm EST
Gregory Heuer will present a webinar on Monday, November 16, "The Surgical Treatment of Tethered Cords." Please Click Here to Register Today!

Cheryl Wiggins will present the first webinar of next year on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, "Out on a limb: Key IONM Concepts for Peripheral Orthopedic Surgery."  REGISTRATION TO COME! 

CNIM Concepts Mini-Course 
We will be hosting another CNIM Concepts course in the Spring of 2021 on April 3, April 10, and April 17. REGISTRATION TO COME



Upcoming Ballot for Elections

The ASNM 2021 Board of Directors Election Ballot was emailed to all members yesterday, on Thursday, October 15. Members have two weeks to fill the ballot out until Thursday, October 29, 2020. Once the two weeks are up, we will tally up all the votes and send all the nominees the results. Once the nominees have been made aware, we will inform the membership of the election results. Please make sure you vote!

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