2018 Annual E-Posters
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ABR Evaluation Under General Anesthesia for Young Children with Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Lawrence R Wierzbowski AuD DABNM FASNM

 Advances in Neurophysiological Intraoperative Monitoring During Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy
Yinchen Song, PhD1,2; Stephanie A. Ferri, CNIM1; Erik J. Kobylarz, MD, PhD1,2,3;  George P. Thomas Jr., MD, PhD1,2;
David F. Bauer, MD4,5

Bladder Manometry and Multiple Modalities of Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring in a Tethered Cord Release Surgery
Shuiping Dai PhD, CNIM

Changes in Neuromonitoring Data Resulting from Spinal Cord Perfusion
Maria Zuccaro, PhD, CNIM; James Zuccaro, DC, DABNM

Contraindications for TceMEPs
Maria Zuccaro, PhD, CNIM; James Zuccaro, DC, DABNM

Effects of Pre-surgical Muscle Grade on Baseline TceMEPs
James Zuccaro DC, DABNM; Maria Zuccaro PhD, CNIM

Incidence Of IONM Data Changes Due To Positioning In 4577 Surgeries
Kathryn Overzet, MS, CNIM; Faisal R. Jahangiri, MD, CNIM, DABNM, F.ASNM

IONM During Hip Arthroscopic Repair Surgeries
Kathryn Overzet, MS, CNIM1; Mark Kazewych, MD2; Faisal R. Jahangiri, MD, CNIM, D.ABNM, F.ASNM1

Motor Evoked Potential Recordings from Urethral Electrodes
Faisal R. Jahangiri, MD, CNIM, D.ABNM, FASNM1,2 ; Justin W. Silverstein, DHSc, CNIM3 ; Zachariah M. George, MD4; Sami Al Eissa, MD5

Multimodality Monitoring: Prognostic Value of Neuromonitoring Alerts
Maria Zuccaro, PhD, CNIM; James Zuccaro, DC, DABNM

Perioperative Cerebrovascular Accidents: Frequent Multimodal Monitoring for Early Detection and Interpretation
Tom J. Epplin-Zapf, MS, MA, CNIM

Positioning Related SSEPs Changes
Peguy Luma, DDS,CNIM,SFA

Preoperative Motor Function Predicts Ability to Record Muscle Motor Evoked Potentials
Lanjun Guo; Yan Li; Ruquan Han; Adrain Gelb

Resection of Motor Strip Tumor with Neuromonitoring Mapping and Changes
James Zuccaro DC, DABNM; Maria Zuccaro PhD, CNIM

Somatosensory Evoked Potential Sensitivity
James Zuccaro, DC, DABNM; Maria Zuccaro, PhD, CNIM

Subcortical Stimulation Combining with Multiple Intraoperative Neurophysiological Modalities to Identify the Internal Capsule during Craniotomy of Tumor Resection ( a case report)
Shuiping Dai PhD, CNIM

The Laryngeal Adductor Reflex Is A New Methodology For Monitoring Thyroid Surgeries That May Predict Long Term Outcome Of Vocal Fold Function
M. Ángeles Sánchez-Roldán1, MD; Maria J. Téllez1, MD; Catherine F. Sinclair2, MD; Sedat Ulkatan1, MD

Transcranial Electric Motor Evoked Potential Alert Criteria
Maria Zuccaro, PhD, CNIM; James Zuccaro, DC, DABNM

Using a Subdural Strip to Define Functional Sensory Nerves and the Most Inferior Functional Portion of the Conus Medullaris During Detethering Surgeries for Tethered Cord Syndrome
Chen-Ya Yang1; Tsui-Fen Yang1; Muh-Lii Liang2; Hsin-Hung Chen2; Jan-Wei Chiu1