2018 Annual Meeting E-Posters
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Request for Interesting E-Posters


E-Poster Submission Exhibitors

Optimizing IONM by Cross-collaboration
February 23-25, 2018


Click here to submit your E-Poster

Click here to view a sample E-Poster

Why E-Posters?

  • Avoid poster-printing costs
  • One less thing to pack when traveling
  • The abstracts/cases can be viewed in the members-only section of the website before, during and after the meeting, a benefit for those unable to attend
  • The opportunity to direct questions to the presenter prior to the meeting
  • Gaining greater visibility among members of the society 


E-Posters Must be Submitted Electronically in PDF Format and Created According to the Following Specifications:

You MUST create your poster in PowerPoint (or other program) using the 16:9 ratio resolution setting (under page setup).

  • Only one slide
  • Use Arial or similar font
  • Minimum font size 5 point
  • No embedded video or audio
  • MAXIMUM file size to 5 MB
  • Save the final slide presentation as a .PDF file that includes the author’s name, last name first, and poster title.
  • The submission instructions and directions to upload your poster file will be available on the ASNM website. 


Digital Poster Suggestions:

  • Avoid long sections of text.
  • Be sure that all graphs, charts and images are readable.

Click Here for a sample poster.


Final Deadline for submission
January 26, 2018

Presentations: Selected poster authors will be invited to present at a session matching their topics, all others will present on Sunday. Presentations will be limited to 4 - 5 minutes, and can utilize up to four (4) power point slides, not including the Title slide. Presenters should separate their poster into four (4) slides to optimize the presentation and the audience viewing experience. You may not add more information into the four (4) slides than is in the original presentation above. 

Click here for a sample presentation


Awards will be given for the two best interesting e-posters.  

Scientific/Research posters will be judged separately from the case submissions. The presenters best basic science poster and best clinical research poster will each be recognized with a certificate and prize.

If you have any questions please contact asnm@affinity-strategies.com or (630) 402–6324.