Founders Award
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  1. Nominations must be made in writing using this web-based form and submitted to the ASNM by the March 15th deadline.
  2. Any ASNM member in good standing can nominate or second someone for the Founder’s Award. Self-nominations or seconds will not be accepted. Anonymous nominations or seconds will not be accepted. Nominations or seconds will not be accepted from a spouse, partner, or immediately family member of the nominator or nominee.
  3. Nominations must be seconded simply by entering the name of the “second” individual on the nomination form. The Awards Subcommittee will confirm their second via email. Absent a second, the nominee will be considered only if he or she received at least one more nomination for the same award category.
  4. Nominees must be a member of the ASNM in good standing for at least 5 consecutive years.
  5. Nominations must be supported by a written description of why the nominee deserves consideration for the specified award.
  6. Nominees may not receive awards in multiple award categories in the same year.
  7. The Awards Subcommittee of the Membership Committee will review nominations and select recipients.
    1. The supervisor, spouse, partner or immediate family member of a nominee can serve on the committee but must abstain from any discussion and/or voting related to the nomination.
    2. If a member of the Membership Committee or Awards Subcommittee is nominated, he or she may not be present during the relevant portion of the discussion.
  8. Approved nominations will be forwarded to the executive committee for final confirmation.
  9. Details of nominations and discussions about nominees who are not selected will be kept confidential.


Awarded annually to an ASNM Member in good standing whose commitment to the profession of IONM is evidence by contributions to the society, contributions to the literature, and/or commitment to delivering the highest quality of patient care in IONM. Any member who is in good standing can nominate any other member in good standing.
Award comes in the form of a plaque given to the recipient at the ASNM Annual Meeting. This award carries no monetary value. Winners will be informed in time to plan travel, approximately 30 days in advance of the Annual Meeting.

Please complete this form and submit before the March 15th deadline. Late nominations will not be considered.

Questions or concerns may be directed to us at or (630) 402–6324.