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ASNM’s webinar series provides timely information of special interest to professionals working within the IONM industry and those seeking to learn more about this evolving area of practice. Webinars are included as part of ASNM’s membership and are a worthwhile member benefit. Non-ASNM members can purchase individual webinars. Webinar sessions are presented in "real time” via the Internet. Participants view webinar materials online while listening to the concurrent audio portion of the presentation via their computer audio system. All ASNM webinars are approved for one (1) credit hour of continuing education for ASNM-CEUs.

Questions regarding ASNM’s webinar series? Please e-mail asnm@affinity-strategies.com or call (630) 402-6324.




The Role of Electrophysiology During Dorsal Root Entry Zone Microcoagulation To Treat Neuropathic Pain In Spinal Cord Injury

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
7:00 PM Eastern


The participant will understand:

  • The mechanism of Central Pain after Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).
  • That pain can present At-Level and Below-Level of the SCI.
  • That dorsal-column and sympathetic nervous system have different somatotopic maps.

The participant will understand DREZ Recording Techniques:

  • The electrode type and placement.
  • Electrophysiologic amplifier and recorder parameters.
  • Method of data collection and types of artifacts.
  • Criteria of data interpretation.
  • Record keeping.

The participant will understand:

  • DREZ Lesioning Techniques
    • Radio-frequency.
    • Electrocautery.


David Barnkow, AuD, DABNM, CNIM, CCC/A
Surgical Neurophysiologist
Medsurant Health

Dr. Barnkow began his work in IONM in 1986 at St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri were he was on a team that created the first dedicated IONM program at that institution. He then accepted, in 1988, a position with the Washington University School of Medicine, Division of Orthopedic Surgery where he helped refine and expand the techniques of IONM in Spine, Joint and Hand surgeries. David moved out of IONM in 1990 to concentrate on clinical audiology both a clinical audiologist in a multi-specialty physician-owned clinic and as an assistant professor in the graduate school at Washington State University. David returned to full-time IONM upon returning to his hometown, Denver, in 1999. He has been employed as a surgical neurophysiologist in to the present. His current topic of focus is clinical electrophysiology and IONM as they relate to SCI.