Upcoming Webinars
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ASNM’s webinar series provides timely information of special interest to professionals working within the IONM industry and those seeking to learn more about this evolving area of practice. Webinars are included as part of ASNM’s membership and are a worthwhile member benefit. Non-ASNM members can purchase individual webinars. Webinar sessions are presented in "real time” via the Internet. Participants view webinar materials online while listening to the concurrent audio portion of the presentation via their computer audio system. All ASNM webinars are approved for one (1) credit hour of continuing education for ASNM-CEUs.

Questions regarding ASNM’s webinar series? Please e-mail asnm@affinity-strategies.com or call (331) 248–1699.



Surgical Treatment of Tethered Cords

Monday, November 16th, 2020
7:00PM EST 

1. Examine surgical treatment & at-risk structures for tethered cords cases. 

2. Review pre-surgical collaboration and IONM applications. 

3. Discuss post operative assessments and outcomes. 

Gregory Heuer

University of Pennsylvania 
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia 


Brainstem Reflexes: New Prospects for Cranial Nerve Monitoring

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020
7:00PM EST 

1. Learn emerging concepts for brainstem reflex monitoring 
2. Explore applications for cranial nerve preservation 
3. Review reflex functions for brainstem surveillance and neural integrity assessment

Sedat Ulkatan, MD, DABNM, CNIM

Director of Intraoperative Neurophysiology Department
Mount Sinai West & Mount Sinai Morningside




Fall CNIM Concepts Mini Course

September 26, 2020 
October 3, 2020
October 10, 2020
10:00AM - 1:00PM EST 

1. How analysis of neuromonitoring data setting can help us optimize daily recordings.
2. Tools and techniques to prepare yourself and organize more confidently approach the CNIM Exam.
3. Lessons from experiential case studies that will help drive better study focus and clinical practice in your own organization. 

James Watt, CNIM, R.EP.T